Esther Planas

Sant Gervasi de Cassoles, Barcelona, 1960



Arte de los Medios Acción Vídeo


2019_ ESPACIOS LIMINARES #2 L'espai d'aprenentage com a camp d'estudi

2018 - Performing Otherness: a Postcolonial Approach to Francoist Spain, Hunter Building, Hunter Lecture Theatre /  School of History of Art, University of Edinburgh

2018 -  Queer +_ Noise # a psycho-social experiment # Curated by Laura Netz at The Others 

2018 - Spectres of Modernism at Raven Row, London

2017_ Spectres of Modernism: Artists Against Overdevelopment,  Bowater House, Golden Lane Estate, London

2017 - The Rome Process Art. Class. War - Performance Party

2017 - RED MAY SEATLE at INCA plus This Might Not Work Red May, INCA, Seattle, WA

2017 - Publication: “Manifestaciones Públicas de Afecto, Proyecto AMIL, Lima

2014 School of Calidity with Nicola Woodham and guest, Summer Camp, Five Years, London

2013 Escuela de Calor beyond de Northern line in Bruxelles 
2010 - "BCN Produccio'10" La Capella. Barcelona.

2010 - "East End Promises". London Newcastle Project Space. London.

2010 - "The BCN Psycho Tropic Workshops". Antigua Casa Haiku. Barcelona.

2010 - "Transzendenz". Autocenter. Berlin.

2009 - "I Love You Pissing for Me". White Cubicle. London.

2009 - "JTP". James Tailor Gallery. London.

2008 - "It Aint Fair". OWOW Gallery at Art Basel. Miami.

2008 - "Maskwork". Five Years Gallery. London.

2008 - "Underwood". Ballhaus Ost. Berlin.

2007 - "All Cats Are Grey ". Espai Ubu. Barcelona.

2007 - "Rock My Illusion". Fundacion Boti. Granada.

2007 - "The Weasel Pop Music and Contemporary Art". South London Gallery. London.

2006 - "El Diablo en la Pintura". Club der Polnischen Versager. Berlin. (with Marc Hulson)

2006 - "Frenzie, L'art Decorative D'ajourduy". Metropol Galleries. Folkestone, United Kingdom.

2002 - "D S number 4". Five Years. London


Artist of the Week Edward Winkleman
The Young, the Weird and the Whimsical
Esther Planas and Aldo Chaparro at Double White Cubicle
Deception, Disorder, Death...
Underwood Anouchka Grose, Mathew Hale, Marc Hulson, Susan Morris, Esther Planas Ballhaus Ost, 12.01 / 03.02.08